On May 20th, 2018, the Polish Foundation of Performing Artists “Plac Teatralny” organized a performance of the play “Mama” by Asya Voloshina as part of the XXIV International Theatre Festival “Kontakt” in Toruń. Joanna Rozkosz played the role of Olga, while Filip Frątczak directed the performance and Lidia Stachowska prepared the scenography. Thanks to the co-financing of the project by the Russian-Polish Centre for Dialogue and Understanding, we invited Asya Voloshina to the performance and an author’s meeting with the festival audience. The audience warmly received the play, and after the performance, Asya Voloshina answered questions about the inspiration and writing process of “Mama” during a meeting led by Dr. Andrey Moskvin. The viewers also asked questions about the overall work of the St. Petersburg playwright.

We thank the Bydgoszcz/Toruń branch of ZASP for co-financing the project, as well as the Russian Centre for Science and Culture and the Polish-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for their organizational support.