1st National Rally of ZASP in Gorzów Wielkopolski

The first big event organized by the Polish Foundation of Stage Artists “Plac Teatralny” was the 1st National Rally of ZASP in Gorzów Wielkopolski. The Teatr im. Juliusz Osterwa. Nearly 50 members of the association from all over Poland came to the three-day meeting. We spent most of the time talking about the condition of the performing arts community, the possibilities of influencing the legal status of our professions, we exchanged experiences related to activities in sections, branches and circles. At the end of the rally, we organized a final concert attended by all ZASP members participating in the meeting in Gorzów. During the concert, we organized a fundraiser for the Veteran Artist’s House in Skolimów. Thanks to the generosity of the Gorzów audience, we collected over PLN 3,000. Mayor Jacek Piotr Wójcicki and city councilors supported us in collecting money. The three-hour marathon ended before midnight, and the audience thanked us with a standing ovation. Author and project coordinator: Filip Frątczak