The Second National Rally ZASP in Gorzów Wielkopolski

The organization of the 1st National Rally of ZASP in Gorzów Wielkopolski turned out to be a considerable organizational and attendance success, which is why our colleagues from ZASP asked us to organize another 2nd National Rally of members of our association. How last year, the last week of July brought Zasp sheep from all over Poland to Gorzów Wielkopolski. The second rally had an extended formula compared to the first one. It lasted four, not three days as before, and a week before the convention, we started summer theater workshops for children, which were financed by the Nova Park Shopping Centre. We divided the workshop participants, who were about fifty, into four groups: acting – led by Filip Frątczak, stage design led by Natalia Kołodziej, dance classes – led by Bartosz Bandura and journalism workshops Katarzyna Cygler. 30.06.2016 The Nova Park Shopping Center turned into the Theater of the Young Viewer. ZASP members present at the rally came together with their parents to watch the young candidates for the theater arts. Maybe one of the workshop participants will become a star in the future? Who knows? The time for real stars has come on the last day of the rally on July 31, 2016, in front of a thousand audience gathered in the summer amphitheater, artists participating in the ZASP rally performed. The inhabitants of Gorzów welcomed the next artists who appeared on the stage wonderfully. The audience thanked us for the performance with a standing ovation and we managed to finish the concert a quarter of an hour before the last bus.

Author and project coordinator: Filip Frątczak